Course-specific Feedback

Managing the PhD Process

'Honestly, I'm so impressed and have a real sense of direction now, and please can all PHD students get enrolled into this programme.'

'This program has already built my relationship with my supervisor even right from here.'

'I thoroughly pleased with the module. It has completely enlightened me on the process and equipped me with skills to ensure success.'

'The programme is very useful and the entire university community should be encouraged to participate.'

'This school helps me to clear the cloud in my PhD Journey (I am in my first year)'

'This program was excellent, worth it. I'm very happy to be here.'

'It was worth every time and effort.'

'The course is extremely productive.'

'A school full of experience.'

'School and learning was awesome'

'There should be more of such schools for all graduate students.'

'The staff and support personnel were very enthusiastic and helpful. The school overall was excellent.'

 Qualitative Research Methodology 

'Good exercise in all, a must attend programme for all PhD's. I love it.'

'I like the organizations of the modules. I also like the great friendliness exhibited by resource personnels which helped create the right environment for learning.'

'A very intensive but relevant interaction with excellent and experienced lecturers.'

 Innovative Thinking

'The innovative thinking module is very useful and educative and I recommend that the course should be offered in future doctoral academics for other participants to benefit from the opportunities it offers.'

 Quantitative Research Methdology

'The school must continue to run.'

'Course is very useful and an eye opener and should try to cover all PhD students within the reform stage. Thanks'

'It has been very useful'

 Presentation Skills

'It's being an eye-opening experience.'

'It's been a wonderful experience with UG-PADA'

'The human resource used are of high international standard.'

'I suggest the program be extended to more schools and countries.'

  Research Conceptualization and Design

'It prompts students on the need to remain focused.'

'The various topics prepares one for real academic life.'

'The module of teaching makes participants truly learn; participants freely express their difficulties which are fully addressed.'

'It creates a platform for intellectual discussions and contribution from members.'

'Exposure of learners to both theoretical and practical aspects of research conceptualization.'

'It prompts students on the need to remain focused.'

'The various topics prepares one for real academic life.'

'Facilitators were up to the task made sessions interesting and interactive.'

'Very interactive school.'

 Introduction to NVIVO for Qualitative Data Analysis

'Fantastic course.'

'I can only say thank you.'

'The training has been very helpful and educative'

'The school is very appropriate and educative. Providing the INVIVO software will enhance the efficiency'

'My suggestion is that everyone should participate in all the module in order to have in-depth knowledge of the analysis.'

'The school is good, I have gained a lot.'

'Doctoral students using mixed research in their methodology should be allowed to go through quali and quanti session. But overall, great program! I am highly impressed! Please keep it up! More powers to your elbows!'

'The training is just excellent.'

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