Managing the PhD Process (including Managing Literature Review)


The process of obtaining a doctoral degree can be a difficult, long and lonely journey. It requires persistence and a plan to deal with resources, time and people. Having these skills will make your journey to a PhD less stressful and will guarantee that you will finish your thesis in good time.

The course is designed as a practical guide; it is conducted in a seminar style, with emphasis on experiential and peer learning. The course incorporates exercises and assignments that encourage students to individually reflect on and put into immediate practice what they learn.

o The nature of the PhD process

o Institutional environment and your obligations

o Managing your time

o Managing your supervisors

o Managing your thesis writing

o Managing life during the PhD (school-life balance; managing your studies as a female or part-time student; dealing with stress, frustration, etc.)

o Guide to grants, conferences and publishing in graduate school

o Managing your literature review (including using bibliographic managers e.g. Endnote, Mendeley)


All PhD Students